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In 2007, the classrooms participating in the GCI project focused either on Nutrition, or History.


7 June 2007
Our Food
Eaux Claires Junior High, in Grenoble

As part of their schoolwork, the Eaux Claires class was asked to bring in a picture of a food item or dish, and describe something about it in English. Here is what they brought in.

3 May 2007
Fat and Cholesterol rule the World
Julien Coutier

In the context of our class project on environmental education for a sustainable development (EEDD), we made a panel of comparison between the USA, the Philippines and France around the theme of food.

3 May 2007
Deciphering labels

Discovering the language of labeling… for the students of the class 2nd 5, in the context of their project "eating better, eating organic. "

2 May 2007
Malnutrition: the Bane Continues
Blandine Tulasne
Marion Leglayle

A billion adults in the world are too fat, and three million among these are obese. Obesity results in the death of 300 000 people a year in the United States. It is better to be dying from over-eating, or malnutrition?

18 April 2007
Survey of the eating habits of the class " 2nd 5 "
Julie Trouiller

In the course of our project (our nutrition, its consequences on ourselves and our environment) we have carried out a questionnaire about our nutritional habits, aimed at the 35 students in our class and to some teachers. We have analyzed in this article the main statistics from the survey.

12 April 2007
The Language of Labelling
Coline Moineau
Blandine Tulasne

The language and vocabulary used by labels on the products we buy is often very complex. But, it has a certain importance in the choice of products.