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1 December 2011
Pinky Cupino met the French Students
Leslie Goovaerts

November 24-25, 2011 Pinky Cupino, our Filipino partner and director of the Center for Positive Futures in Banaba, came back to Grenoble after 4 years to meet the French GCI participants and present them her country. She talked about the history of Philippines, from the ancient times to the colonization and decolonization. And she also talked about today’s issues.

28 May 2008
Food habits in the Philippines and in the USA; by Pinky Cupino and Kristie Bliss : Differences and similarities throughout the world

Presentations by Pinky Cupino, Director of the Center for Positive Futures – Manila - and Kristie Bliss, Cortland Junior-Senior High School Principal

23 March 2007
Meeting of the Project Coordinators : Pinky Cupino (Philippines) and Lori Megivern (United States) visit the schools of Les Eaux Claires and Crest

In November, 2006, Pinky Cupino, Director of the Center for Positive Futures in the Philippines and Lori Megivern, Social Studies Teacher at Cortland High School in the United States came to Grenoble, France to meet with the students and teachers who would be participating in the GCI project. The meeting enabled the French participants to learn more about how people in the United States think of France, and about life in the Philippines.