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Fat and Cholesterol rule the World

Julien Coutier

3 May 2007

In the context of our class project on environmental education for a sustainable development (EEDD), we made a panel of comparison between the USA, the Philippines and France around the theme of food.

We carried out some research:
In the USA many people do not eat at home at midday, they eat large quantities of food low quality food in fast-food restaurants. They will eat quite frequently in fast-food restaurants which is a large part the cause of obesity. Moreover this food contains a high amount of calories. 30% of the population of the USA is obese. But the population is starting to react to this problem, which can be seen for example through the increasing popularity of salad bars.

In the Philippines there are two main types of people…
…The obese: they have undergone americanization. They also believe that size is a symbol of wealth. Adults are more and more obese. 27% of women in the Philippines are obese.
…The malnourished: they often only eat rice due to lack of money. 32% of all children less than 5 years old are underweight in the Philippines. Later, these underweight children risk become obese adults as they enter into the society of consumption.

In France since the 1950s there has been a great change in dietary habits: more and more people eat food that is too sugary or too salty which results in a whole range of diseases. In 1960 1 kg of sugar was consumed per person per year, and now this has gone up to 14kg in 1995. Less and less people take part in sporting activities which results in more and more people becoming overweight. This results in the 6 million obese people that there are in France.

In conclusion we can say the situation is critical. In effect, if obesity continues to rise, life expectancy will fall and many people will no longer be able to move around properly. To fight this epidemic it is necessary to have funds, which are lacking at the moment. Bu the situation is also very dangerous for those who do not have enough to eat. Before fighting obesity we need to make sure that all the world is fed.

Percentage of the total population that is obese: United States 89.8 million (30.6 %) Mexico 25.1 million (24,2 %) United Kingdom 13.7 million (23 %) Australia 4.4 million (21.7 %) Slovakia 1.2 million (22,4 %) Greece 2.4 million (21,9 %) New Zealand 0.8 million (20.9 %) Canada 4.9 million (14.9 %) France 5.8 million (9.4 %).