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Aimé Césaire Junior High School

Leslie Goovaerts

9 November 2012

The Aimé Césaire Junior High School is situated in the city of Grenoble, in the South-East of France (in the Alps mountains chain). This school participates to the GCI project since the beginning in 2006. The project is coordinated by Sandrine Dalban, English teacher.

"There are usually twenty-five pupils per class and the classrooms are about sixty square meters.

There are rules but we can wear what we like, except inappropriate clothing.

In the morning, we work from eight o’clock to midday and in the afternoon, from half past one to half past five, but we often finish at half past three.

The lessons last fifty-five minutes and we don’t go to school on Wednesdays or weekends.

In class, we listen, ask questions and write lessons. The subjects are French, history and geography, math, biology, Spanish, English, art, music, physics, technology, two hours of PE. The other languages studied are Italian, Russian, German and Latin. Some pupils find math and physics difficult.

There is a place at school called "vie scolaire" or school life where young adults solve school problems, and help the pupils who find themselves in difficulty.

Most of us eat at the cafeteria once a week at 12:3O ; the food isn’t very varied.

After school, pupils do their homework, some for thirty minutes, others for an hour and a half. Lessons are very long to learn and we regularly have tests. We think we have too much homework and too many lessons especially in the history and math classes.

It is our last year at the secondary school and at the end of the year, we will have a written exam called the "BEPC" in French, math, and history."

Article written by GCI participating students in 2007.