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Air Pollution

It’s not too late. We can make things change.

21 May 2009

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Cars on the highway

We use a lot of cars and it’s very polluting. There is a lot of traffic jam. In the summer, pollution gets higher than the allowed pollution peak and we have to reduce the speed of cars.

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Smoke stacks

Factories produce lots of toxic fumes in the air. The greenhouse effect won’t be stabiltted if the C02 production increases, which is a bad thing because air pollution can cause health problems such as asthma.

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City lights

We waste a lot of energy. Look at Grenoble at night. There are surely lots of lights for nothing and one of them is maybe yours. Do you always put the lights off when you don’t need them?

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Bicycles and public transportation

We should take bikes or public transportation more often. The company "Tag" made 4 tramway lines and the company "Metro" made a system with which you can borrow bikes. All of this is to make our way of life easier.

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Wall of windows

The Kyoto protocol, created to limit the emissions of C02 (as in factories) helps fight against global warming. Building new factories with solar boards could be a good idea.

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Solar panels

To reduce your energy comsuption there are many things you can do like using energy saving bulbs or taking showers instead of baths. Why not buy solar boards if you can afford it?