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Air Pollution

Bérénice , Justine , Sofia

20 May 2009


Bees and Vegetables Bees and vegetables

Because of air pollution bees are disappearing. If bees disappear, they will not gather nectar then vegetables will disappear too.

Water Pollution Water

ln the planet lots of people use drinkingwater for watering their garden whereas some people are dying of thirst in the world.

Pesticides Pesticides

Pesticides have toxic features, used by the farmers against insects, animais or plants: mushrooms, weed. But they are very polluting.


Compost Compost piles

Fertilizers are polluting and if we want to reuse vegetables that we don’t want to eat, or their peels, we can start a compost pile.

Solutions to Water Pollution Water

Instead of using drinking water we can reuse rain water because automatic watering waste a lot of drinking water and electricity.

Solutions to Pesticides Pesticides

We can use organic pesticides or natural predators instead of polluting pesticides.