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Destiny USA

Pro’s Carousel Mall

Brian , Naiyma , Nicole , Zack

1 May 2009

Destiny USA, a very large shopping mall proposed as a revamping of the now Carousel Mall in Syracuse New York, is “going green.” That means being environmentally careful. Many people are opposed to the building of Destiny USA, but many people are also in favor of having it built. Destiny USA is doing many things to help reassure people that the building of the mall will do many good things for upstate New York.

Destiny USA has been using $25,000,000 of recycled materials in the construction of the mall. Many people are afraid that the mall construction will waste, but it is actually doing some good. Secondly, over 2,500 tons of CO2 pollution has been offset by Destiny’s efforts to keep construction waste down. Thirdly, over 20,000 tons of 95% recycled steel has been used during construction. Also, Destiny will be added on to the Carousel Mall that is already there. The Carousel Mall didn’t take up any useful land because it used toxic land that wasn’t being used for anything.

Destiny USA will also be very good for other things. For example, Destiny USA will be offering many jobs to the Central New York region. Destiny USA will include a hotel, many restaurants, and numerous retail stores. This will require many people to run these great facilities. Also, Destiny will be creating a job mall. Many of the places that are filling in the available space are asking for many people ranging from 200-400 people per office.

As you can see, Destiny USA will provide Central New York with great opportunities. Not only are we helping the Earth with this project but we will be providing jobs. Especially during these times, we could use all the jobs and global protecting we can get. I think that Destiny USA will be a great addition to everything else that we have here in CNY. The information that is listed throughout this essay was issued by the city auditor, written to convince the public to support Destiny USA. If you would like the other side to this project, you may want to look up the opposing opinions regarding Destiny USA.


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