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Dangers of Large Chain Stores


8 April 2009

Large chain stores can harm numerous people, businesses, and the planet Earth. For example, the South Salina Street Mall is very hurtful to many people and places. If too many are built and shopped in, then what will happen to the small shops and industries? We really must pay more attention to what is going on around us. Many people just don’t care, or even understand what is happening to our world. They have their own little world in their homes instead.

The South Salina Street Mall is located in Syracuse on Salina St. In the 1910s, the blocks brimmed with activity. Shops lined the street and people effortlessly outnumbered cars. But in recent years, all these things changed—the mall was built. The people that used to work in and own those small shops that were on the street before the mall was built were out of jobs.

The mall hurt small towns like Cortland, also. The people that shopped in small stores on Main Street in Cortland started to drive about 28.5 miles just to buy a few articles of clothing or food! This was and is not good. The small businesses in Cortland started to go out of business. This left space for other large companies to come and take over. For example, Wal-Mart, Price Chopper, Big K Mart, etc.

The large chain store was hurting people in another way, too. The car pollution had a negative effect on the environment. The car exhaust was damaging the atmosphere. The South Salina Street Mall uses up 74% of the energy in the neighborhood. People are trying to save the earth from being fried by the sun because of Global Warming. Maybe, they should have thought about this before.

If a car used about 50 miles per gallon of gas, saying that they drove about 12,000 miles per year, they would produce 2.7 tons of greenhouse gases per year! Car emissions kill 30,000 people each year. Judging from the price of 1 gallon of gas today, ($2.09) a person could spend $501.60 in one year, just on gas. The gas prices are rising and falling.

Soon, everybody will run out of oil. This means that people who are leaving it up to others should start putting more effort into finding a different substance to use other than gasoline. Alternative sources of energy must be found in addition to people conserving energy by not driving excessively.

The Annual Cost of Lower Fuel Efficiency
Average gas mileage Approximate greenhouse gas pollution Average fuel used (based on 12,000 miles/year) Approximate Cost (based on $2.30/gallon)
50 mpg 40 gallons 2.7 tons/year $552
40 mpg 1300 gallons 3.4 tons/year $690
30 mpg 400 gallons 4.5 tons/year $920
25 mpg 480 gallons 5.4 tons/year $1,104
20 mpg 600 gallons 6.8 tons/year $1,380
15 mpg 800 gallons 9 tons/year $1,840
10 mpg 1,200 gallons 13.6 tons/year $2,760

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