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Super Walmarts

Brian , Naiyma , Nicole , Zack

8 April 2009

There are many family owned and operated businesses in Cortland, NY. Most of those original businesses in Cortland have been closed or moved, due to a couple of very tragic openings, such as Wal-Marts expanding to Super Wal-Marts.

There are many problems we face, due to Wal-Marts and Super Wal-Marts invading small towns and communities.

One huge problem our cities face is how Super Wal-marts make family owned and operated businesses go out of business. Large companies such as Wal-mart can buy products in bulk; therefore Wal-mart can sell their items at less expensive prices than the small businesses, but still make a profit.

Another big problem we face economically is house values. When a large company moves in next door, your property value goes way down, due to many things. First, Super Wal-Mart is an eye-sore. No one wants to live next to a huge building that blocks the trees and sky around it. Second of all, Super Wal-mart brings a lot of people in to buy their products, which means much more traffic for the community.

Our third and final problem with Super Wal-Mart coming to our community is the environmental impact. Super Wal-Marts take up over 200acres of land which in our community’s case, is used for trees and the all-important aquifer. Not to mention the amount of oils it burns up while constructing the building.

Those are some of the problems faced in our community, caused by Wal-mart and Super Wal-Mart invading small cities and communities like us, Cortland.

There may be a solution. People are teaming up everywhere to stop Wal-marts from taking away the small businesses in their communities. One website we found, called created many facts, ideas, and statements for cities like Cortland to use in the battle against Super Wal-Mart. Facts, ideas and statements such as: • Wal-Mart is never a “done deal.” • Wal-Mart has been stopped hundreds of times. • All zoning is local, every case is unique. • It takes a village to beat a Wal-Mart; you need a committee to motivate the village. • A Wal-Mart fight is like a political campaign: talk to political organizers • Time is on your side. The longer the delay, the better chance Wal-Mart will leave. • The battle will get hot. • Wal-Mart may create a “citizens” group and hire PR firms to turn people against you. • Wal-Mart will greatly outspend you. Let people know this in advance • Wal-Mart imitates grassroots groups. • Any strategy you employ—like lawn signs—they will imitate. • You are not alone, but you will need expert assistance. • If you don’t fight, you have a 0% chance of winning. • No one can guarantee that you will beat Wal-Mart. • But the odds of losing rise to 100% if you do nothing. That is only some of the advice given to us by .

Now I hope you can see how Super Wal-Marts and Wal-Marts can ruin a community. It takes money away from the businesses in Cortland. You should also realize that Wal-Mart can be stopped, and there is a zero percent chance to stop it if we don’t try.


Battle Mart Battle Plan. Wal-Mart Watch. Last updated March 4, 2009