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The Ithaca Mall and Possible Future Decreasing of Pollution

Brianna , Rochelle

8 April 2009

We will be informing you about the air pollution, water pollution, and mileage from Cortland to the Ithaca Mall (Pyramid Mall). A mall is a large building that houses many stores. Malls are located outside of a town or city, and they have large asphalt-covered parking lots. The stores are usually chain stores owned by big international corporations, not locally owned businesses. Therefore, many people ride in their cars to malls and go as far as 60 miles just to get a pair of shoes. This is horrible for our environment. There may be a solution soon to all of this air and water pollution.

In order to get from Cortland to the Ithaca Mall, your car would have to travel about 21 miles. This allows a lot of fuel to be burned and escape into the air of our precious Earth. When this happens, air pollution is caused, which is bad for the people, and animals on earth.

Air pollution is caused by cars, truck, motorcycles, etc. The bigger the vehicle you use, the more gas it uses. If you are going to go to the Ithaca mall, you should use the smallest vehicle you own and carpool (ride with other people) in order to cut down on air pollution. Also, make sure if you are going there and live far away, that there is no store in your hometown that carries what you need. If there were and you didn’t check, you would be wasting gasoline and polluting the air. Making sure you have a big list of things to get at the Ithaca Mall would be good, too. For example, you would not want to waste all of your gasoline and pollute the air just for one dress.

All of this air pollution from cars can also lead to water pollution. This is because the polluted air is there when rain clouds form and then, when it rains, the polluted rain gets into the rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and oceans.

The Ithaca Mall is good in some ways, though, because it has provided Ithaca with many jobs. It’s also good for the people who live near it because they have much variety. People still should go to locally owned stores whenever possible, though, or those local stores will go out of business. For the future, scientists are working on a solution for the air pollution, that cars make. One solution is called Zeolites. Zeolites are little crystals that will make gasoline much cheaper and cleaner. Zeolites are made here on Earth, but they are much smaller than the ones that scientists have developed in 0g on the international space station. The Zeolites grown on Earth are about the size of microscopic bacteria. To better develop the Zeolites for greater use, scientists will need to make them 200 to 1000 times larger.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and is pollution-free. It’s an ideal fuel. Hydrogen is a good source of fuel that will eventually be stored and transported using Zeolites. Cars using hydrogen instead of gasoline are starting to be developed.

Another solution to the air pollution is an air-powered car that is coming to U.S. in 2009 to 2010. The air-powered car was invented by the licensed Luxemburg-based MDI. This car is a compression-based alternative to the internal combustion engine. These air powered cars are zero air pollutants. From experimenting, the developers have figured that these air powered cars could go 1000 miles at up to 96 miles per hour on just one small fill-up of air. These cars will be so great for our environment and when they come out, it is estimated that they will cost about $17,800.

Ithaca Mall uses lots of energy and causes air and water pollution. All of the lights, the air conditioning, the heat, the food court cooking, the electronics, the movies, the video cameras and the sensors use electricity.

In conclusion, we need to be more caring about this Earth and to figure out ways to cut down on air pollution and drive as little as possible to malls. Later there may be a solution, but right now we need to do our best with what we have and not be careless.


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